Frequently Asked Questions

Defective product replacement?

Badasswear offers defective product replacement for any
product purchased through the store that is damaged, torn or printed with
defects. If by chance you've been sent the wrong product, we'll also replace it
with the right one.

If you receive a wrong, damaged or broken product please
send us a photo clearly showing the damaged item to and
we will get you a replacement product as soon as possible.

Size and color ?

Badasswear does everything possible to ensure that our
products fit great, look great and are inexpensive as possible. Because we strive to provide products at very affordable prices and lowest possible
shipping rates, we cannot provide returns or exchanges due to user error in
selecting size or color.

Shipping Policies?

We've chosen to keep Badasswear products inexpensive. The
tradeoff is longer shipping times. It usually takes 2-3 weeks for product
delivery. Making products on demand is better for your wallet and better for
the planet. Thank you for your patience!

Badasswear operates 100% independently of all shipping
carriers & therefore cannot be held responsible for their actions. We will
not accept returns or be issuing refunds for goods or shipping costs due to
later than expected deliveries. We apologize if any items do not arrive in
time, but control of shipping times is out of our hands. We appreciate your understanding
and patience!

When will my order be shipped out?

All orders are printed and shipped a-la-carte. During periods of large demand, your order may take an extra day or two to go out. Please allow 2-3 weeks for your product delivery.

Why is my tracking number showing my package as delivered when it hasn't been?

On rare occasions our shipping partners may mark your items as delivered when they have not actually been delivered. If this happens, please wait three full business days to see if your package arrives. If your package does not arrive after the third day, please see the next section below. 

My package has been lost or stolen, now what?
Please note that we cannot be responsible for packages that are lost or stolen after being delivered. We provide tracking information in our shipment confirmation emails that allows you to track your package and verify delivery. If you still have not received your package after 3 business days please contact our customer service team at